Wednesday, 12 October 2022

100% and 50% Study Abroad Scholarships for Africa


Thousands of African students emigrate Africa yearly to pursue studies at many reputable universities across the globe. We now understand that this is largely due to the higher standard of education offered by these foreign institutions of learning.

 As common as it has become over the years, many African youngsters still find it very difficult to find and secure admissions to study abroad. This is often due to disinformation or misinformation fostered by lack of guidance or mentorship.

Cadright Global Resources through her vast network of students and Alumni from the diaspora,  has floated a conserted effort to provide guidance for students from Africa seeking to study in various reputable universities around the world. 

 This is offered in the form of one-one interventions for finding the right country, university, courses, scholarships, fellowships, internships, placements etc.

No matter what course or country you dream of pursuing, we have opened a gateway that you can pass through to get there.

What you should expect from us:

  • i). Update on available opportunities in universities globally.
  • ii). Career counseling especially relevant for choosing the best course(s) to pursue
  • iii). Scholarship availabilities and how to claim them 
  • iv). Express visa processing assistance
  • v). Travel, settling, accomodation and logistics support. 
  • If you or anyone you know has a vision to study outside the shores of Africa, 

Click here: to complete the Expression of Interest Form and commence your personal journey to the country of your choice in less than three months. 


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