Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Social Media Marketing - Tailored For Business

Social Media Marketing is the art of using the applications that abound on the internet for marketing purpose. This is a relatively new field of marketing and is fast gaining trend in the business world.

Cadright Global Resources is positioned as your favorite team when it comes to target oriented social media campaigns. We are talented in reviving dying businesses through the power of the internet. Our experienced team consists of bloggers, web programmers, word-smiths, admin managers and trained internet hipe agents.
Thanks to the power of the largely-open market place [the internet], everything is now sell-able with the right combination of the above ingredients. We have figured out an almighty formula that magically performs this combination in proportions and frequencies that yields positive results.

To help you on your path to Boosting your Business using the internet, we have put together a few Suggestions:

#1. Connect with your Customers On Social Media : 
Devise a simple means of collecting your customers' contact and adding them up on any social media where you find them. This might seem to be 'stalking' but trust me, it works. they'll gradually begin to feel they are your actual friends and thus feel guilty if they do not patronize you the next time around.

#2. Integrate an Effective Bulk SMS system :

Customized SMS systems such as bulk sending methods are very effective for sending out acknowledgements. clicksms.com.ng is a good bulk SMS system that we use here in Nigeria. It allows you to enter a custom sender i.d each time and can send up to 1,000,000 phone numbers as long as you have purchased enough units. The site opens well on mobile devices. You can type your message normally as in your sms and send to your customers. they will be thrilled to get a message from your company but not bearing your personal phone number.

#3. Create a beautiful website for your business : 

What is a business these days without a standard website. It is how you show your customers and potentials that you are stable. A small blog, a Facebook page or a simple website can serve for a start or you may get an advanced one all at once. It gives people a place to check you up even before visiting your premises. You can even conduct business fully online. CADRIGHT offers an amazing package where you can get a standard business website for as low as #36,000 with an efficient management plan.

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Social Media Marketing - Tailored For Business

Social Media Marketing  is the art of using the applications that abound on the internet for marketing purpose. This is a relatively new...