Monday, 14 December 2015


The purpose of this post is to intimate you with the details of our web design and hosting program. Through this Program, we enable small and medium scale businesses to have an online presence which dramatically improves their market reach beyond the immediate environment and thereby increases their potential to  gross-in profit by over 200%

"Imagine an Architect in Texas U.S.A who consults for the United Nations on Environmental issues. He wishes to attend a two-weeks workshop in Lagos, Nigeria, and is desirous to lodge in a hotel for the duration. To find one he tries to ask around by word of mouth, but all that seems to be suggested are local and do not have an online face. Finally he resorts to the internet to find the caliber of professional hotel he needs. On first search, he discovers your hotel, and makes contact with you. After going through your site, he is convinced of your services, he decides to book a room online and have you reserve it for his arrival date. He pays you online through your website or traditionally through the bank, you only have to receive and  follow up his request"

This is one example of how the internet can work for a Hotelier. More examples abound for every business; school, church, office, educational / corporate foundation e.t.c  Sadly though, Only a few have the wisdom of leveraging the internet for business. It puts you ahead of your competition. The reach is amazing! It informs the public of your existence and what you have to offer.  We do not only give your business an online presence, we update and maintain your website with your more recent activities, products and services, periodically. 
We also improve the discoverability of your website by our efficient search engine optimization techniques. This increases your probability of being found by more number of searchers on the web. Other services  include : company branding, social media networking and free articles and reviews for your products and services. 

We need the following information to start creating your unique website now:
(you can send via E-mail :
  1. Full name of business.
  2. Date of incorporation (where applicable).
  3. Brief description of your services.
  4. Vision of the company / business.
  5. Address of head office and branches (where applicable).
  6. Brief write-up on the C.E.O and board of directors (where applicable).
  7. Detailed description of your products and services as you would like it to appear on the website.
  8. Account Name and Number to which your online/ bank transactions should be credited.
  9. Working  / official duty hours for contacting you
  10. Other contact details or advice.
  11. A Facebook page or other related social media presence where you would like your fans to follow you.
  12. Other general information you would like us to include e.g pictures, projects, videos and presentations.

Optional Premium


Clubs, Hospitals,
N.G.Os, Laundries, 
Foundries e.t.c)

Discoverable to all search engines on the web.
Display of your business service(s) or product(s) on your home
Registration portal for potential customers or clients to follow your
works by E-mail
HD Video, Audio, Image and PowerPoint  presentations on your
Guests can comment, like, and share articles on your site to other
social media.
Guests can view your contact details and advice. They can call or
E-mail you directly after completing a contact form.
Auto-Response contact message for visitors.
Guests can search your site for particular items, products or services
via a search box on the home page.
A payment Platform is available on your website that credits
your bank account directly.
Full Search Engine Optimization.

(Schools: Nursery,
Training centres,
 Driving Schools

Mandatory Set-Up Fee
A payment Platform is available on your website that credits
your bank account directly when school fees are paid
Clients / Parents / guardians will receive newsletter of your activities
on  scheduled intervals.
Free Computer Training for your I.T staff

Private  log in for  members or staff to access private or premium
services and offers.
Class results will be published online for all classes and levels of
Exam Timetables, staff duty roster etc will be available online
School Events videos and presentations can be watched online
Clients / Parents / guardians Can check status of admission for their
Wards or status of their orders.
Individual students results checking
Individual admission status checking
Third- party editing privilege for your site which allows you to
personally take charge of your updates, adverts and search
engine optimization.
Targeted social media advertising.
Termly - Renewable scratch cards for students access

Advanced database hosting
Online examinations -  CBT

agencies  e.t.c)

All as in Corporate category,  plus :
Online Booking by potential guests that allows them to choose and
pay for services before their arrival.

Transport Companies,
Agro-Allied supply 
chains e.t.c)
All as in Corporate and tourism categories plus :
Fully responsive shopping cart system that allows shoppers to select 
multiple items and pay online with all debit cards types.


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